Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hubby brought me a present today!

Hubby came in this evening with a present for me!  He had been to Lowe's Hardware to take a weed-eater back that had broken and was still under warranty earlier in the week.  Turns out the weed-eater couldn't be fixed!  Since he had already bought a new weed-eater he decided to get a store credit which he used to buy a dumping garden cart! 

I have been wishing for one since we moved, and now I have one!  It made out of the black poly, and can be used either as a wagon or hooked up behind the mower.  This is going to make it much easier to haul feed, leaves, brush, ect around the property!  I am so thankful that I have a hubby that loves me, and spoils me!

Putting the tires on!
We ended up putting it together in the kitchen floor.  After about 30 minutes we had it together and Hubby took the kids for a ride around the kitchen and living room!  After that, we took it outside and loaded it with pumpkins that I have to take down to the chickens tomorrow!  This cart is definitely going to be well used around here!


The first load! 

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