Thursday, November 7, 2013

Clearing brush and splitting wood.

When we bought our land, it was wooded with set white pines that had originally been planted for Christmas trees years ago, but were grown up and fairly thick!  We cleared about an acre for our house and yard.  Eventually we will cut all the pines out and will replant some hardwoods sporadically throughout the property and fence off for pasture. 

As with anytime you clear land that was wooded, we ended up with a pretty good sized brush pile.  We have slowly been trying to get the brush cleaned up so we will be able to get to the creek that runs through the middle of our property.  Hopefully, we can slowly work on it through the winter and have it cleaned up by spring!

There were several dead trees that needed to be cut down and some that were piled up on the pile of brush.  Hubby cut those down and has been cutting and splitting them up, so we could burn them in our fire pit! There is nothing like sitting by the fire watching the flames! 

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