Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow days February 2014

This week we had a major (for us) snow storm!  In a little over 24 hours we were covered in 13 inches of snow!  Normally, we only get 2-5 inches at a time, so this was a big deal!  My kids have never seen this much snow before and were loving it!  The dogs and the chickens weren't so thrilled....

 The dogs romped with the kids, but were less than enthusiastic.  They didn't want to stay out too long, and took refuge under the porch!

The chickens HATED the snow!  They viewed it as the white death!  For the first couple of days, they stayed in our under the coop and wouldn't come out into the snow at all... I did put up a tarp, but overnight when I didn't go down every little bit to knock the snow off, it became to heavy and fell.  Oh well, I tried!  On Friday, I did go down and shovel some of the snow out of the way and threw some leaf litter on top of the snow.  They ventured out and started scratching around once the white was covered!  Silly chickens!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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My Grandpa's "Nearly Home-made" donuts!

Some of you may know that my grandfather passed away in November 2012.  That man was my rock, and it was a very trying time for me after he was gone.  It really warms my heart to be able to things with my kids that he did with me! 

One thing that I always loved doing with him was making nearly home-made donuts for breakfast!  It is really a simple process, but the love that was always felt when we made them was extra special! 

Ok, so what do you need for my grandpa's donuts?  Its really easy..... canned biscuits (you know the cheap ones that turn into bricks if you bake them), oil, cinnamon and sugar mix or powdered sugar.... THATS IT!

First you need to get your oil hot... We always used a pot on the stove with a couple of inches of oil in it, but we were given a deep fryer for Christmas this year!  Guess what the first thing we made in it was?!?  Yep... Donuts! 

Next, open your biscuits, and separate them.  Then gently pull the middle and make a hole... donuts have to have holes you know!  Then put it in the hot oil... when it starts to turn golden around the edges, flip it over and let the other side cook.  Take it out and roll it in the cinnamon and sugar mixture or place on a paper towel and dust the powdered sugar over top! 

Last, you let them cool for a few minutes and then eat them up!  My crew of 6 can put away 20-30 of these little gems!  They are so yummy, and the memories they bring back are priceless!