Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waiting on eggs.......

I am anxiously waiting on our first egg!  Don't get me wrong, when we got the first older hens Clarabelle, Amelia, and Bertha they were laying and we averaged 2 eggs per day.  But since Clarabelle went broody and we lost Amelia and Bertha in the dog attacks we haven't gotten any eggs!

I am still waiting on eggs from the Golden Comet girls!  I was told that they could start laying as early as 16 weeks.  They are now 20 weeks old and we still haven't seen the first egg!  The older two Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte hens are molting so they aren't laying at the moment either! Clarabelle has chicks and has just started molting as well so it will probably be a couple of months before she resumes laying as well! 

I am going on Saturday to a chicken swap to pick up a couple more young hens that have recently started laying.  Often a move can cause a hen to stop laying for a few weeks, so I am not counting on eggs from them when we first get them home. 

Two of the girls that will be added to the flock on Saturday!           

Hopefully, we will have eggs in the near future!  Until then I have to patiently wait and anxiously check the nesting boxes every day.  I know one day soon I will find that first egg and will be able to enjoy the gifts that my girls leave for me! 

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