Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The farming way of life.

Both my husband and I were raised on farms, and farming is in our blood.  It is something that is very near and dear to our hearts.  We always knew that when we were able to buy our own property that we wanted to farm and homestead as much as we possibly could.  Now that we have our property we are excited to get our little farm started!

My husband has always had a love for the outdoors and the farming way of life.  As a young boy, he helped both of his grandfathers raise cattle, set tobacco, and keep up the everyday work on their farms.  His dad also raised cattle and they had horses as well.  He often talks about spending the summer at his grandpa's helping out, and how he remembers getting up early to a home cooked breakfast before the sun came up and then going out to spend the day out on the farm.  Most of his fondest childhood memories are centered around the time he spent with the cattle or on a tractor!

My childhood farming was quite a bit different.  My grandfather on my mom's side raised sheep when I was little, and I can remember lambing season coming when it was extremely cold and there was a couple of feet of snow on the ground.  I remember my Paw Paw bringing in orphaned or abandoned lambs and putting them next to the wood stove to get warm, and then having to bottle feed them until they were old enough to be weaned!  I also remember shearing time, when a friend of my Paw Paw's would bring his boys over to shear the sheep.  I was probably 6 years old, when my Paw Paw decided that he wasn't able to raise sheep anymore, and sold off the flock.

My dad also farmed, but his was quite a bit different!  He had horses when I was really little, and then sold them all for awhile.  When I was about 10 years old, he bought some more as well as some goats. He remarried and his new wife was just as much of an animal lover as we were!  Through the years there was a menagerie of animals there, including goats, sheep, ducks, geese, rabbits, and of course the cats, dogs and horses, among others!  As a teenager my passion was the horses and I spent every spare moment with them!  I miss having the horses, and maybe some day, we can have them here on our own farm.

When my husband and I first started dating and got married, we lived on my grandfather's (dad's side)  property.  We helped him raise hogs, horses and cattle.  We spent many hours putting up hay, feeding animals, or cleaning stalls!  We also bought a couple of  bottle-baby calves of our own and raised them while we were there.

Some of the greatest moments of our lives were spent while working on a farm!  I just wanted to share some background as to why this adventure is so near and dear to our hearts!  I promise that some stories from the past will be shared at a later date, but I wanted to just touch the surface as to our pasts in farming! 
Thank you for reading and please share your own stories in the comments!


  1. That sounds so wonderful! I understand why this way of life is so important to you now. I have a completely different upbringing - I was raised in the city and never stepped foot on a farm at all! In fact, one time I went somewhere with my mom in the country and remember exclaiming "Chickens!" when I saw some roaming around the property. I had never seen any live chickens before!

    My husband had a similar childhood, and we didn't get interested in homesteading until we were in our early 20s and married for a few years. It started from wanting to be more in control of where our food comes from after watching a documentary called Food, Inc. and just spiraled from there! I feel like I'm finally where I'm meant to be in the country. I often wish I grew up on a farm and think how awesome it will be when we have kids for them to grow up out here :)

  2. It is great to be able to grow up on a farm! I am so glad that we are able to raise our kids on a small farm just like we were both raised. It makes a big difference!


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