Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy Weekend!

It has been a busy weekend here!  Hubby worked on his new building/workshop most of the weekend.  The kids and I helped most of the day Saturday.  We managed to get the floor leveled up and have it stable.  I think the plan is to get another layer of plywood down on the floor and start on the walls this week when he gets home from work. 

Sunday was even more eventful!  I went down to the coop early, and Clarabelle had a fluffy peeper! It was teeny tiny, and ADORABLE!  I shut all the other chickens out of the coop, so she wouldn't be as stressed with the new chick and still trying to sit on the remaining eggs.

 I met a friend around lunch time and we went to pick up two new hens.  It was nice to have some adult time, although I did take the baby with us.  The new girls are very nice, big, pretty hens, although they are molting right now and a little scrappy.  They also aren't laying right now, but should resume when they are finished molting.  They are currently residing in the isolation coop, and will stay there for a few weeks while we make sure they aren't sick or anything. 

I went down after supper to open the coop back up for the other chickens to come in to roost for the night.  We had another chick that had just hatched and was still wet.  Clarabelle is still sitting on the remaining 5 eggs. Since this is a staggered hatch because my other broody hen was killed by dogs and her eggs were a week behind, I am ready to put the unhatched eggs into a makeshift incubator when she decides she is finished.


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