Monday, January 27, 2014

Feather Christmas Ornaments- DIY

Today's post is a tutorial for Christmas ornaments made using feathers from my flock!  It is a really easy craft project that results in a beautiful ornament for your tree.  This is the perfect gift for any chicken lover!  There will definitely be a few of these on my Christmas tree this year! 

All you need is some clear glass ornaments, some feathers from your flock, and a q-tip. You can use as little or as many feathers as you like, depending on how "full" you want your ornament to look!

 After you gather your supplies, take the cap off of the ornament.  I found that it helped to sit the ornament into a small custard bowl so it wasn't rolling around.
 Next, you begin placing your feathers into the ornament.  Once you have several in there, you can begin to use the q-tip to arrange the feathers along the sides of the ornament.  I wouldn't suggest using your finger, because you may cut yourself!  You could also use a pencil, chop-stick or some other long skinny object.

Just continue to place feathers into the ornament and arrange them along the sides of your ornament.  When you are satisfied with the way your ornament looks, you are done!  Replace the metal cap, add a hook, and it is ready to hang on your tree!

I hope to make several of these for my own tree this year!  I will probably make a few for friends and family as well!  I hope you enjoyed this DIY-tutorial and will make some for your own tree!  You have all year to collect feathers from your chickens, and have them ready for Christmas!

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  1. I love this idea so much! this will definitely be a project this year!


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